Coding Examples

Learn coding quickly. Take help when are in a problem. Programming
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Python Programming

Python is popular for Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, etc. Programming coding example
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PHP Programming

PHP is a server-side scripting language. It is used to develop web applications. Server
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Nginx Server

Nginx is a web server used as a reverse proxy server, load balancer etc Implementation of Data Structures
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Data Structure - Python

In this course, I will show you how to implements different data structures for DBMS
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SQL is a query language for database management system (DBMS). Version Controll
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Git Version Controll

Git is a version-controlling system used for tracking changes in source code Implementation of Algorithms
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Algorithms - Python

In this course, I will show you how to implements different algorithms PHP Web Framework
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Laravel Framework

Laravel is a popular PHP framework for developing web site and web application.
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In this series I will share how to use docker Structure and Algorithm - C plus plus Programming
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Data Structure and Algorithm - C++

Data Structures and algorithms implementation in C++ code example
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JavaScript coding

JavaScript is a scripting language used to develop Frontend and Mobile applications. VirtualBox
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Vagrant VirtualBox

Vagrant is used to create and manage virtual machine for VirtualBox - C++ Programming
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Pointer - C++ Programming

In this series I will share how to mange pointer properly in C++ programming code example
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Golang Coding

Golang is a compiled, statically typed programming language. Template Library (STL)  - C++ Programming
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STL - C++ Programming

Use of Standard Template Library (STL) in C++ Programming Language Numpy Module for Numerical Calculations
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Numpy - Python

Numpy is a Python module used for numerical calculations Pandas Module for Data Analysis
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Pandas - Python

In this course, I will show how to use the python pandas module for data analysis. Matplotlib Module for Data Visualisation
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Matplotlib - Python

In this course, I will show the use of Python Matplotlib module for Data Visualisation. MongoDB
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Learn MongoDB

MongoDB is document-oriented cross-platform NoSQL database. Design
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System Design

Learn System Design, Database, Scaling, and more Key-Value Storage a NoSQL Database
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Redis In-Memory Database

Redis is an open-source advanced key-value storage. Programming
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Java Programming

Java is the most popular cross-platform object-oriented programming language. NoSQL Database
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Cassandra NoSQL Database

Apache is an open-source and free, distributed, column store, NoSQL database. Beam - Python
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Apache Beam - Python

Apache Beam is an open-source tool used to create data processing pipelines